2022 Handblown Glass Ornaments
2022 Handblown Glass Ornaments
2022 Handblown Glass Ornaments

2022 Handblown Glass Ornaments

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About the Artist

The Green and Red ornaments are hand-blown by Morgan Peterson. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Morgan is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a dual degree in 2006. Upon completion of her degrees, she relocated to Seattle, WA to pursue a career in the arts and to continue her education and advancement in the arts focusing on glass. Morgan has worked for many notable artists including Buster Simpson, Bruce Mau and is a full-time team member for Dale Chihuly. She is heavily involved with Pratt Fine Arts and Pilchuck Glass School not only as a member of the staff but also as in instructor. Her work has developed inside and outside these industrial spaces into a unique system of metaphor and imagery based on the themes of satire through pop culture and addiction. 

Making a Difference

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the ornaments go to the Center Art Foundation, which is a subsidiary of the Seattle Foundation that helps fund local arts organizations, youth arts programs, school arts education and scholarships for individual artists. Thank you for supporting the Pacific Northwest arts community.  

Points to Note:

The ornaments are all individually handblown and therefore may have variations in size, color and shape. The ornament purchased will not look identical to the one shown in the images.