Liz Tran


Liz Tran is a Seattle-based artist, channeling subjects such as dream imagery, imagined landscapes, geodes, outer space and The Big Bang. Tran explores the shapes of nature, with the infusion of fantastical, pulsing synthetic hues. the psychedelic visuals are harvested from the place where inner-verse meets outer-verse, where optical misfires combine with a vacuum pull moving at the speed of light. Through painting, sculpture and installations, she creates atmospheres that aim to activate.

Collections of Tran's work include the Wynn, Capital One, Vulcan Incl., Oculus, The El Paso Children's Hospital, Harborview Medical Center, The King county Public Art Collection and the Child Center. Tran has completed multiple special projects and installations, including a design line with Chihuly Garden and Glass. Tran has exhibited and worked around the world, including Iceland, Turkey and France.