Tuscan Red Seaform


"The natural elements of fire, velocity, gravity, and centrifugal force were always there, always the same. the difference was that I worked in this abstract way and let the forces of nature have a bigger role in the ultimate shape"

-Dale Chihuly

It was a seemingly natural progression for Dale Chihuly's Basket series to evolve into a more abstract series titled Seaforms. The transition was not intentional, but merely a continuation of Chihuly's exploratory and curious nature.

The charged red palette of the 2018 Studio Edition Tuscan Red Seaform transitions from deep burgundy to a burnished, fiery red-orange and revisits aesthetics found in Chihuly's earlier Seaforms. Varying shades of red body wrap sweep across the surface of the form, which is then twisted and capped with a teal green lip wrap. The resulting effect creates an exquisite mosaic-like pattern that is emphasized by the artwork's rippling form. The simple and complex are juxtaposed and defined in this rich, elemental Studio Edition.

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