Rose Blush Macchia

 "The unbelievable combinations of color – that was the driving force” says Chihuly about the creation of the Macchia series.  In the initial stages of the its conception, Chihuly found himself “waking up one day wanting to use all three hundred of the colors in the hotshop.”  This seduction of color led the artist to explore properties of its usage and compatibility of the mineral pigments.  Creating color charts with one color for the interior, another for the exterior, Chihuly tackled the challenge of keeping these colors pure and separate, which led to his providential experimentation with a new technique – introducing a layer of white in between, keeping the interior and exterior colors apart.


Rose Blush Macchia, a 2017 Studio Edition, illustrates the mastery of color that is the result of Chihuly’s extensive color studies.  The sculpture’s vitality emerges from the brilliant, variegated spots of orange and red pigments.  These pigments, stretched and transformed in the process by breath, heat, and gravity, are illuminated against shadowy bands of rose and violet hues.  A radiant yellow lip wrap emphasizes the classic rippling form of the Macchia series and bridges the colloquy between the exterior color and the soft blue interior.  The result is incredibly earthy yet surreal.


Chihuly’s signature is engraved on each handblown work, which measures approximately nine inches in width.  It is accompanied by a custom-designed Plexiglas case for display and Chihuly Macchia,  a hardcover book with DVD that provides further details about the series.

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