Flying Bird Botanicals Tea Bags

The Flying Bird Botanical teas from Bellingham, Washington are always made with only organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs- looking first to our local community for sourcing. Our overseas purchases are made with our global community at heart. We source our spices from fair trade certified farms and our teas from small gardens growing their plants with care using heirloom traditions passed down for hundreds of years.

Try one of our unique flavors- 

BlueBird: Wake up to your heartsong with this deliciously complex + lively herbal blend. Crafted with ginkgo + gotu kola to support circulation, heart health + mental clarity, complemented by tangy lemongrass + rose hips + spiced with cinnamon + ginger. Enjoy this uplifting cup in the morning or when ever you need a bit of inspiration. A Flying Bird original.

Cedarwood Chai: Flying Bird’s take on a spicy classic enjoyed the world over.

Dream Catcher: Relax with this fragrant floral delight brimming with rose petals, chamomile + lavender. Enjoy at bedtime or whenever you’re feeling dreamy.

Lavender Orange: Black tea delicately scented with pure bergamot, enhanced with garden lavender + sweet orange

White Lemon Ginger:  Delicate Himalayan silver tips + luscious white peony tea paired refreshingly with lemon + ginger.

Vanilla Rose Ceylon: Vanilla bean + rose petals with fine ceylon tea—an aromatic floral delight.

$ 10.00