Formulary 55 Candles

Hand poured 9 oz. candles in amber jars. Candles burn evenly and cleanly for over 60+ hours.  Made with a non-toxic, recyclable and derived from completely renewable resources and are completely Vegan. Handmade by Formulary 55 in USA. 

Choose from: 

Black Tea & Tobacco:  smoky, deep and earthy – a mix of black tea, pipe tobacco and an amazing vetiver essential oil.
Sweet Clover & Honey:  soft and sweetly floral, but also fresh and uplifting.
Lavender & Vervain:  french lavender with fresh clean herbal vervain.
Lemon & Calendula:  fresh, lemony aroma with a little herbal kick.
Balsam & Fir: fresh and woodsy blend - green fir with a deep amber fragrance - "clean" smelling, but the amber and balsam add a bit of a vanilla like depth.

$ 24.00