Periwinkle Persian

“The piece is always moving while it’s in progress and one must make decisions quickly.  I like the work to reflect these quick decisions, the end result being a frozen fluid thought—as direct as a drawing.”

--Dale Chihuly 

Dale Chihuly discovered early in his career that through human breath, heat, and gravity, he was able to achieve forms in glass that had not previously existed.  The Persian series’ animated grace was realized through the exploration of this spontaneous and organic process.

Periwinkle Persian, a 2019 Studio Edition, is a provocative study of suspended motion.  The elements in this two-piece composition illustrate the fluid gestures and the effects of gravity, both used to shape handblown glass.  Its translucent violet exterior element with a pale lilac body wrap and contrasting blue lip wrap cradles a coiled and textured element that propels the energetic momentum of the entire sculpture.

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